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I'd Like To Stop Then

My username/title comes from:
"Nothing's ever simple anymore. I'm constantly trying to work it out. Who to love or hate, who to trust. It's like the more I know, the more confused I get."

"I believe that's called growing up."

"I'd like to stop then, okay?"
~ Buffy and Giles, Buffy episode 3x19, Lie To Me.

I've probably felt like that one hundred times over, plus *shrugs* alot of names are taken. I think this is about my third or fourth livejournal in about 8 years. Maybe this one will last.

I was a long time member of Buffy fandom but I don't look at it anymore. I go through phases of shows I obsess over- ones mentioned in this journal include Whose Line (big factor when I got the journal but not so much anymore), Dr Horrible (still a big fan, but I don't really contribute to the fandom), Lost (fandom was way too scary for me) and How I Met Your Mother.

Currently I'm obsessing over White Collar and Hawaii Five-0 (remake). I occasionally play a bit in the OZ (way late to the party) fandom. I am also liking Glee, Leverage and Law and Order:SVU but not enough to be in the fandoms! :)

It'll mostly be random things here, quotes I like, daily musings, maybe the odd bit of writing or artwork, we'll have to see. Add me if you like, I'll be so pleased and I'll likely add you back. I may even add you first if I find you interesting.

I've gone friends-only. Friend me if you want to. I'm not going to be all selective on who I friend back! If we have fandoms in common or even if we don't I'd love to chat with new people.

My brief Whose Line obsession was much more productive than most of my obsessions. I wrote fic and I made graphics. That's all here in the memories. It's all locked, but it is avaliable on some comms and things i'm sure. If that's all you want to friend me for feel free to, I don't mind.

Nowadays I kind of ranmble about my life- the times I actually remember to post. But hopefully one day I'll do something productive again.

That's all for now.